Central Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi are in the heart of Africa. Here PMU has been working extensively and for many years in cooperation with local partners. The best known is perhaps our work with Panzi Hospital headed by Dr Denis Mukwege.
The region is plagued by severe political antagonism, war and conflict, as well as economic instability and corruption. Hundreds of thousands of people are internally displaced and poverty is widespread.
Our work in these countries is in the form of long-term development projects and acute humanitarian programmes.
Swedish churches and churches in Central Africa have worked together for a long time and today these partnerships are providing an invaluable opportunity to help the people who are the most difficult to reach.

We want to challenge you to join us – so that we can change the world together.

PMU’s projects in the region are helping to lift people out of acute need and extreme poverty by increasing access to medical care, education and livelihood alternatives. Our work is aimed at promoting lasting peace, gender equality and social development at all levels. This is being achieved by educating leaders and the population in human rights, democracy and active citizenship. One way to do this is through literacy projects aimed at reducing the number of people who are illiterate in Burundi while also increasing the course participants’ ability to support themselves and making them aware of their rights so that they can be advocates in civil society.

Another prioritised area is improving gender equality and strengthening the status of women in society. One of the ways this is being achieved is through farming projects focusing on enabling women to support themselves and empowering them to actively participate in decision processes, through family planning programmes and maternity health. We are also providing psychological counselling to women affected by war or who are victims of sexual violence.

The countries in Central Africa are undeniably facing great challenges in their efforts to achieve the goals in the global development agenda. But in recent years significant progress has been made in terms of access to basic education, reduced infant mortality and in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the region.

Therese Svensson is coordinating PMU’s projects in Central Africa.

E-mail: therese.svensson@pmu.se