Central and South Asia

The most densely populated areas in the world are in Central and South Asia. Large parts of the region are often affected by earthquakes, landslides and floods resulting from the climate impact and the region’s geographical location. Many people live in poverty and the societies often have deep class divides.
Projects focusing on democracy, sustainable climate work and general community development are of great importance for people living here.

We want to to challange you to join us – so that we can change the world together.

In many countries in the region people are living in extreme poverty and vulnerability. They have no access to clean water, a varied diet, toilets or education. PMU is working with local partners in the areas of health, education and livelihoods, engaging civil society and driving advocacy efforts. PMU is also working on improving living conditions for ethnic and language minorities, as well as children and young people with special needs. This is where the most vulnerable people are often found.
Maarit Liljegren is coordinating PMU’s projects in Central and South Asia.

E-mail: maarit.liljegren@pmu.se