Southeast Asia

Over the course of 20 years the poverty level in Southeast Asia has gone from 45 to 14 percent, making it one of the few regions in Asia that has achieved the millennium goal of cutting poverty in half. But the indigenous people in the region still face great challenges. Many of them do not have citizenship and therefore have no access to healthcare, education or other basic rights. Since the need is so great among these groups, PMU is working with local partners on a broad front through projects in the areas of democracy, environment, health, education, gender equality and livelihoods.

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PMU is supporting programmes that are empowering people living in poverty to demand their rights through registering as citizens and trying to influence the authorities to make decisions that help vulnerable groups. Village development is also an important aspect and the objective is to give people a chance to influence their own life through income-generating activities and education. Health issues are also an important aspect of our work here.
Maria Wåhlin is coordinating all of PMU’s projects in Southeast Asia.