West Africa

Genital mutilation, early marriage and forced marriage are some of the things that girls in the region are subjected to. The lack of gender equality, widespread poverty and a lack of respect for children’s rights are examples of the great challenges in West Africa.
Much of our work in the region is focused on strengthening the status of girls and women in society, promoting education and active efforts to end genital mutilation.

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Our work in the region is largely focused on democracy, gender equality and education. The status of women is low in the region and needs to be improved. Civil society is being strengthened and receiving help in efforts to organise, at the same time as parents, teachers and schoolchildren are being informed about children’s rights and the importance of girls attending school. Our partners also work in the areas of health, school development and environmental conservation.
Eva Skog is coordinating PMU’s projects in West Africa.

E-mail: eva.skog@pmu.se