Poverty has many different faces. We often talk about the material aspect – but not being able to attend school or make your voice heard is also a form of poverty. Millions of people live in poverty. It is a reality we are called to change and, as part of a global movement, we have an enormous capacity to bring about change. We can be present in war-torn areas when others are forced to leave. When we link arms with you and our many partners around the world, we give hope and enable people to meet a brighter future and realise their dreams.

Together we are changing the world.


We are fighting poverty in many areas. Our partners are on the front lines in 35 countries.
In order for our programmes to have the greatest possible impact and result in sustainable change we are actively developing our partners’ capacity
so that they can reach further and take a long-term approach in their work, even under very difficult circumstances.

We are creating change in the following areas:



Organisational structure
Here, you can read more about who we are and find reports on PMU’s programmes and finances. You can also find information on how we ensure the quality of our activities and guarantee that the funds we raise are used as efficiently as possible. You will also find information about our Board and statutes.
Here we have gathered documents containing the guidelines and policies we apply in our work.
“Together” is the keyword for the new global goals for sustainable development. PMU works with a diverse range of actors: Swedish and local churches and organisations, companies, Sida, SMR, ECHO, Radiohjälpen and other Swedish and international aid organisations and networks.